About Us

The Angel Hearts Story

My journey to founding Angel Hearts Companion Care is the result of my own past and present experience with helping ill or elderly loved ones maintain their dignity and independence.  My father, sister and I cared for my mother, who fought and lost a valiant fight against cancer at the young age of 54. Then, I was the caregiver for her mother, my Grandma Ann, who suffered from dementia and congestive heart failure. She lived to just six weeks shy of her 99th birthday. Once again, I was called upon to be my father’s caregiver, who fought and lost his own battle with cancer at 68. Now, I am part of our family team caring for my Grandma Ruth. 

As a Sales Associate for a medical device company, I came in contact with many folks who had no one to help them with their activities of daily living - someone to fix and share a meal with them; help them get to medical appointments, understand the doctor’s instructions and stop at the pharmacy on the way home; or simply keep them company and play a game of cards. Maybe their families lived in other states, were busy with their own jobs and children, or in some cases, the family caregivers were overwhelmed and in desperate need of a “night off”.

I want Angel Hearts Companion Care to provide the same compassionate, loving, peace of mind to your loved ones that I have endeavored to provide for mine.

I have been fortunate to build Angel Hearts Companion Care from the ground up by drawing upon a handful of close, personal friends in the home care/nursing industry. I know them, their character, and I trust them implicitly. I believe a true caregiver is born, not trained. It is far more than someone who shows up and does a job. It is someone I would trust with my own Grandma Ruth. 

Barbara Clarridge, Owner/Caregiver and her Grandma Ruth

Barbara Clarridge, Owner/Caregiver and her Grandma Ruth

Everyone needs an Angel to watch over them sometimes!

As  a family caregiver with over 20 years experience, I know first-hand the challenges and anxiety involved with finding a trusted and loving person to welcome into your home to care for a loved one. Skill, professionalism and capability are essential, but so are just the right attitude and personality. 

Many people can perform the duties of a caregiver/companion, but how many can anticipate just what your loved ones need before they ask? How many will take the time to learn their preferences and little idiosyncrasies? How many consider it a privilege to get to know your loved one as a friend, almost as an adopted family member? Who will take as much care as you would yourself?